Elite Dates

The Traditional Taste of Natural Goodness

Explore the traditional taste of Natural Goodness. Delightfully delicious, Elite Dates bring together the rich flavours of tradition from a wide range of home-grown and world-renowned date varieties.

Our pursuit for superior quality produce starts with sustainable farming at our date farms across the UAE and beyond, and continues onward to our passion for environment-friendly packaging that seals in freshness, naturally.

At Elite Dates, we bring the gift of natural goodness from our farms to your home.

Discover our full range of premium local and imported dates:
Home-Grown Varieties: Khalas, Lulu, Fard, Bumaan, Dabas, Khenaizi
World-Renowned Varieties: Medjool, Sukkari, and Deglet Noor

Elite Dates is a subsidiary of Elite Agro Holding, the agriculture division of Yas Holding.